We are always expecting perfection in life’s small things, daily work routines and most importantly in our personalities. As women, we are more inclined towards perfection; perfect lifestyle, work environment, appropriate attire and perfect appearance sum-up our quotient of perfectionism. Being presentable always was never so easy, with passing decades new trends become obsessions and came into scene. Talking about lipsticks, they are always woman’s go-to companion from glamorous, bold to subtle look just one swipe, and you are ready to go. Our little companions have seen a complete evolution from bullet, pencil to liquid lip color inclusive of finishes like sheer, crème`, matte and gloss.

One swipe of your favourite lip shade is enough to transform your look from a corporate executive to a family person. There is perfect shade for every skin tone and mood. Good lip colors are non-transferable, long-lasting and smudge proof. Nowadays, Lip-colors are available in vivid shades with infused essential oils and quality pigmented colors. With growing trends lip-colors finishes are used according to occasions as well as seasons. For instance, Crème ones are generally used in dry season, Glossy & sheer ones are mainly worn during cultural events or family occasions and Matte ones are wear mainly at professional fronts and corporate routines for subtle look. Mattes are even perfect for summer as chances of its stay is much better than any finish we use.

Mattes are the Perfect Match Matte Lip-colors perfectly enhance our appearance that demands subtle, influential and bold look. The formula works as a swipe of liquid lip color that dries down to an opaque but long-lasting color. Mattes look classier whether colors are bold, bright or Subtle. Some available options have essential oil or a bit of moisturizing base that keeps lips moisturized and look supple. Mattes are available in almost every shade and if you are a lipstick junkie you can never have much of these in your kit. You love to splurge your salary to collect as many as you able to have in your collection and ends up in purchasing at least 2 to 3 every time you think you wouldn’t.

Being a trending obsession and numerous options, it become difficult to choose the right quality with reasonable price tag. Here comes Greyon, that matches your obsession and price tag almost equally. It is available in both Bullet and liquid lip color with moisturizing base that stays longer while keeping moisture of lips intact. Even they are offering a Gift box from their Premium matte collection having 12 shades in one box. So, stop drooling over those lip-colors swatches and pick your shade. Be bold and beautiful as you are inside out.

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