We all have those items that no matter how many you buy; you always seem to lose them or just constantly need more of. For many people, that item is probably lip balm. Most women can definitely attest to having at least a few rolling around in the bottom of their bags, and who doesn’t have at least two hanging out in their desk drawers? So, unless you can magically keep track of your teeny-tiny tube of lip balm wherever you go, chances are you’re looking to buy more.

These little potions work magically to maintain good condition of lips. Lip balms are unisex product that can be found in men’s travel kit or women’s purse. Conditions like chapped & cracked lips, layer of dead skin and dryness are quite prevalent and effect both the genders equally. A blend of various essential oils and fruit extracts actively works for the happy & healthy lips you always dreamt of.  It improves the health of lips & simultaneously adds natural shine.

Range of Lip Balms

Our lip balm range introduces three flavourful balms including blueberry, green apple and strawberry. These Balms are blend of Shea butter, Vitamin E, jojoba oil, Cera alba and sunflower oil. These soft scented balms spread smoothly on lips and work on underneath issues. Sometimes we want plain and glossy look with little hue, which is a perfect for a day out.

How it works:

Soothing Agent:

It acts as soothing agent. Applying a layer and massaging lip balms on lips smoothens cracked, chapped and dry lips. It protects lips and gives instant relief in case inflammation after having salty food.


It is a perfect rejuvenator.  Giving a coat or a little massage works wonder on cells of lips skin. Lips would be able to retain moisture and Softness for long period of time.

Beauty enhancer:

As a beauty enhancer, it gives light weighted and voluminous looks to lips. Lips seems softer and more beautiful with just one swipe of your lip balms.

Primer & Blush at same time:

Point of using lip balms as primer is, it gives base to those highly pigmented colours. It creates a protective shield for lips skin cells from absorbing too much of your perfect lip shade at the moment. It works as blush too. Give your cheeks a touch of soft glow and rosy cheeks that will catch everyone’s eye.

So, just pick your small scented balm and swipe the perfect look in just one coat for supple and happy lips.

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